Twitter Plan

Twitter unleashes the diarist in its 14 million users, who visited its site 99 million times last month to read posts tapped out with cellphones and computers. Individually, many of those 140-character “tweets” seem inane. But taken collectively, the stream of messages can turn Twitter into a surprisingly useful tool for solving problems and providing insights into the digital mood. By tapping into the world’s collective brain, marketers of all kinds have found that if they make the effort to push through the mundane comments, the live conversations offer an early glimpse into consumer  sentiment — and even help them shape it.

Here is a suggested twitter plan that gives you a structured way to use Twitter and focus your message. The objective of Twitter Plan is to extend the reach of any Marketing Plan. Just keep it simple and let it compliment overall marketing efforts. Twitter Plan should include:

  • Objective: Define a specific objective (increase traffic to website, generating leads, establishing authority).
  • Message: What you want to say and to whom?
  • Hashtag: Identify the hashtags (as you research keywords or phrases).
  • Schedule: What will be the best posting schedule to your targeted segment? Staggering your message throughout the day increases the likelihood that tweeps will see your message at some point.
  • Frequency: How frequent? I recommend no more than 10 per day.
  • Trends: See how others communicate on twitters, especially the more successful marketers and adapt their writing style until you find your own voice.
  • Content: Use a little twist when writing your tweets: ask questions, make observations, share interesting things, and quotes. Again, study the gurus and see how they do it. Think dialogue. Write tweets so others are more likely to engage?
  • Twitter Tools: Use tools to schedule and coordinate your twitter efforts: Hootsuite, SocialOomph, Twitter Alerts)

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