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OMG, I need space?

Personal space in the age of social media is a new dilemma across the cyber space. Living in the attention age when many use websites, blogs, Twitter, Facebook to claim their own space online (call it personal branding or presence … Continue reading

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Digital Greetings

I miss letters and greeting cards. A letter delivered by a postman, with its lines of handwriting, loops and angles that give a reflection of personality and, perhaps, secrets tucked inside the letters. Waiting for the postman to find a … Continue reading

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Facebook Flirts

Advent of computers and Internet has changed so many things including how people meet likeminded, cultivate relationship and even find their soul mates to settle down with for life. A Tagged State of Flirting Survey conducted this September has crossed … Continue reading

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It’s hard time to smile

The tiny winy sequences of type characters referred to as smileys or emotions are universal among those who live an active virtual life. Sometimes amusing and at times meaningful, smileys are used in electronic communication to enrich the meaning of … Continue reading

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Smartphone face

Advancement is a must if mankind is going to survive in the long term. Multifunctional mobile phones (smart phones) are one example. They are the hottest gadgets these days, making communications faster and easier. Primary function of most phones with cameras … Continue reading

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Hang up and text me

We are living through texting times. It is time when the surgeon performs a life saving surgery in Africa with instructions texted from a friend in London, the trucker crashes into a pool because he was texting while driving, the … Continue reading

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