How to follow Hashtags

Hashtags – a very powerful tool on Twitter – is not really supported by Twitter. So you can’t really follow hashtags as you follow tweeps of your interests. So what to do when you want to follow #tcot (top conversations on twitter), #POTUS (President of the United State), #Petraeus or #Malala?

A hashtag is not a way to label (tag) tweets so they can be easily pulled together. You can’t “follow” like you do tweeps, organization, project or event). But you can as conveniently search and get all you want on a particular hashtag. Continue reading

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Wise fool

s a j shiraziBlogging is passion but over time bloggers may lose the passion part. It becomes cumbersome to write something new and meaningful. It can happen for so many reasons; real life coming in the way, loss of desire, or worst still loss of beacon light. That is when it becomes overwhelming to strike equilibrium between blogging and marking time (I call it Taaley Taaley). Same is true for real life and ideal life (that you continuously wish to lead).

As a matter of fact, I find passion as very over rated. Ok, it is very strong feeling but human could control it; or could develop it in the first place. After all human need it for everything in work and life. How to regain passion? Continue reading

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Education and Information Technology

My monthly Urdu column “Education and Information Technology” appeared in Army Magazine Hilal. You can also read here (go to page 24-25). Continue reading

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How to love a black woman

Sylvia Hubbard

mailAfter a separation and divorce, I was feeling that I must do something to heal. My fear of becoming one of those angry black women scared me because I was one before and I didn’t like myself.

Writing had always been a passion and addiction of mine and it brought me great relief when I wrote fiction because I was a suspense-romance/sensual noir author already. So I decided to use my gift to relieve the stress in my heart over leaving my marriage in order to be happy. Continue reading

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OMG, I need space?

what-he-has-to-offer-1024Personal space in the age of social media is a new dilemma across the cyber space. Living in the attention age when many use websites, blogs, Twitter, Facebook to claim their own space online (call it personal branding or presence online), to break down inter personal barriers and or to stay in touch with family and friends (and also some time with total strangers). Some folks are online every time of the day and night (and would start texting when they are not connected). Very geeky!

Some other still see online space and the social media as time wasting diversions, distractions and very stressful. Some time ago I wrote about the need of attention and engagement in corporate and public sectors. But this is about building business consumer relationship. This is about personal space we all need online. Continue reading

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Cyber Greetings

On Cyber Greetings, ‘Ka writes this “Since not many people do that anymore, somehow those kinda cards/gifts that I cherish the most… I kept them very nicely,” hence I am pulling this post up here.

I miss letters and greeting cards. A letter delivered by a postman, with its lines of handwriting, loops and angles that give a reflection of personality and, perhaps, secrets tucked inside the letters. Waiting for the postman to find a letter is old fashioned but many cherish still. Then opening letters, reading, and reading them again. There is a romance in writing and receiving letters that seems almost entirely lost to people particularly those who inhabit the cyberspace in this information era.The switch to email and instant messaging has created an entirely new kind of language – of shorthand, emoticons (term coined by joining two words emotions and icons), graphics, and poor or nonexistent grammar, and missing punctuation, computer slang. It has also given birth to another kind of greetings: cyber greetings. This is about that.Emails, instant messaging and text messaging (through cell phones) are quick and easy. Even person like me writes more of shorthand letters now than I ever did on paper. Granted, that they have increased contact with family, friends and colleagues than ever before. They provide eases and convenience. What would any day be like without a message window popping up mid-afternoon with a little emoticon sent by a dear and near one? Indeed, online communication is doing wonders for human relationship. A little goes a long way. Continue reading

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