Lahore contingent at Second Media Summit

After the success of first Pakistan Bloggers Summit in 2011, it has already become a tradition. This year, Social Media Mela (#Socmm12) is being held again in Karachi. Heavy contingent of Lahore Bloggers, tweeps, writers and activist (including Ali Aftab Saeed, Ali Dayan Hasan, Amin Shah Gillani, Ammar Aziz, Assad Zulfiqar Khan, Faheem Zafar, Faiza Sultan Khan, Khurram Siddiqi, Mehmal Sarfraz, Mehreen Kasana, Mira Hashmi, Nabiha Meher Shaikh, Nighat Dad, Nuzhat Saadia Siddiqi, Raza Rumi, Saba Gul, Shehryar Khalid, Syed Muneeb Ali, Taimur Rahman, Tuba Mehmood, Yasser Latif Hamdani, Rub Nawaz, Hasan, Abdul Majeed Abid and your truly) is expected to be there. These are the vibrant people who belong to a community, which follows common values and goals. No?

Themes this year are very diverse and important. We are expecting to hear fresh views on issues that we are facing today (and conventional media channels are not giving enough on them).

Beyond impact of social media in general and what Indian friends have to say on different subjects that are still limited to blogosphere and micro blogging, some specific issues (Twitter is the New Newsroom: The Changing Face of Journalism, Beyond English: Keeping Heritage Alive Online and Censorship, Regulation, and Control in the Internet Economy and more) will be discussed during two days of the Summit.

One wonders why these valid issues are still not discussed in print and electronic media. I hope this Summit will be documented and brought in print so that it is available to people still not online.

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4 Responses to Lahore contingent at Second Media Summit

  1. Do bring back Nimko from Karachi :)

  2. Ali Akbar says:

    Lot of Target killings going on in Karachi. May ALLAH be ur Protector. I also dare to demand one packet of Nimko as demanded by Jalal Hameed.
    Get in touch with Wasif, he may arrange a Mini Get together of PACHPAN.

    All the best for the forthcoming event.

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