Internet at Liberty 2012

Following the highly successful Internet at Liberty 2010, activists and experts from around the world will converge in Washington, D.C. on May 23-24 to explore the most pressing dilemmas and exciting opportunities around free expression in the digital age.

The Internet as a global, free, and open resource, is constantly developing. Over the past year we have seen how the Internet can shift power, broaden scope, and accelerate political and economic change. Simultaneously, governments and multinational companies shape what is possible online. Today, more than any time in history, technological and political forces are colliding to draw lines about how the Internet functions.

Internet at Liberty 2012, sponsored by Google, will bring together global activists and representatives of academic centers, corporations, governments, the media and NGOs. The conference will explore creative ways to expand the free flow of information online. Look for debates about today’s most pressing internet freedom issues, and action-oriented workshops.

The conference will explore: creative ways to address the boundaries of online free expression; the complex relationship among technology, economic growth and human rights; ways in which dissidents and governments are using the internet; the role of internet intermediaries; pressing policy and legal issues such as privacy and cyber security. Jehan Ara, President of the Pakistan Software Houses Association for IT and  ITES (P@SHA), Sana Saleem, the Executive Director at Bolo Bhi (Speak Up), Prof. Abid Hussain Imam, Afia Salam; journalist and Knight Fellow Sahar Habib Ghazi, and a few more are attending.

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