What youth can do on the Internet and what they do

My monthly Urdu column appeared in Army Magazine Hilal (Diffah Number), September 2012 issue (Go to page 30-31).

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8 Responses to What youth can do on the Internet and what they do

  1. You need to start an Urdu blog. I have read your book Reet Pe Tehreer and you should bring that online. Can you?

  2. Seema Gupta says:

    Heartiest congratulations on getting this article in Army Monthly Magazine Hilal. Very important and useful topic is being selected to express and share your vast thoughts on it. wonderful write up. Regards

  3. Very well written article – I am sure this will help non-bloggers to star a blog

  4. Nasim Shahid says:

    Buhat umda aur maloomati artical hai. Nojwanon k liey buhat si rahain kholta hai. Ap buhat important kaam kar rahay hain. Keep it up.

  5. Kausar Bilal says:

    Very nice expression. Your Urdu and English both writings are equally good. I agree with you.

  6. This article in Army Monthly Magazine Hilal is wonderful; very informative. Thanks for sharing this information. Regards.

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