How to walk a blog

Let us assume that you have a blog where you post your thoughts leaving that technical stuff to geek friends or your kids who ‘know it all’. This is about the time you should learn how to walk a blog, how to explore (navigate) others’ blogs. This will help you interact with other bloggers meaningfully and attract them to your own blog.

To start with, I suggest you learn all blog terms. As far as more functional parts of any blog are concerned, for example, like most blogs this blog has a header – the area that contains the name and short blurb (making sense of blogging). Under the header I have my About page and a list of Pakistani bloggers  and a word about the Blog Company.

The right small panel is called the sidebar that holds most of the things blogger wish you (the readers to know about). Under the ad unit, I have search box and a bit of what I do here and what I expect readers to do. Another way of asking people to do something specific or contact a blog master is through About page. In search box you can search blog articles for a specific search term or phrase. Then is my Twitter handle. Interested readers who are on Twitter can follow me to get the updates. It seems Twitter and Facebook are now being used as RSS by most bloggers.

Note is followed by three most common function; Blog Posts, Blog Comments and Blog Roll. Special thing about Blog Comments is that if you click on the name of person who left comment, it will take you to his or her URL. Similarly, Tags (also called labels) cloud gathers the subject according to categories that allow visitors to view articles that may interest them under that category.

Blog archive is also a common feature that allows readers to explore blog like blog calendar quickly jumping to a month or year in the past, and view blog articles posted at that time. I also have my Facebook page and interedted readers my like to ‘like’ the page.

In the main body of the blog (wider panel on the left where articles are posted) is the place where articles (also called blog post) title is displayed in bold. Click on the title and whole article will be displayed as a page where you can comment as well. The URL of the whole article page is called permanlink. Use this URL in case you need to refer to the article. Most important part of the blog is blog content – what you write under the title.

Under each article, you can find comments tab where readers can post comments on articles and carry on debate. You can also see social media tabs where you can easily email article permalink or post it to your Twitter or Facebook timelines. It is easy. If you are logged in your social media accounts, click of a button will automatically do it for you.

Now when you know what to do, take some action and leave a comment or better still share this article.

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  1. Helpful post sir, got a lot of new things which I never know before.

  2. Sajini says:

    Thank you for this wonderful post. How little I knew of blogging :-)

  3. Imran Alam says:

    Very informative, productive and effective addition in ur blog list. Thanks a lot.

  4. Shumaila says:

    Youre a rather smart person! Thanks for guiding.

  5. Shahji! Thanks. Very informative – Allah Bless you.

  6. Kausar Bilal says:

    A superb post, unfolding so many new things about blogging. Thanks for the help!

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  8. Minhaj says:

    Would like to take this walk with you here.

  9. Ayesha Maan says:

    Let us blog walk together.

  10. Alma says:

    Beast basic. Liked it.

  11. Yamna says:

    I discovered your blog and am walking through it. Interesting.

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