Happy Bicentennial!

be-the-man-1024Today this blog is completing one year. It was on this day last year when it went alive. After 303 posts and some 1700 valuable comments here alone, I have my bloggy community (on this and other blogs) to thank.

My blogs are my spaces where I try and struggle with ‘what is blogging to me,’ some technology applications but actually these spaces are where I carry out some target practice and toy with the ideas.

Blogging is an awesome learning experience, in which I’m constantly surrounded by real talent, sound wisdom, unique minds and artistic people, also trolls and lurkers (I love it). Honestly, I don’t know anywhere else in the world where I can find such a galaxy of starts – some of the best readers the internet has to offer; particularly those who go a long way to teach me philosophy of life. The two way interaction has been ripe, rich and rewarding.

With fellow bloggers and online friends, I am never alone – I always find many journeying alongside me; some of them supporting and some other shooting me down. I always value their insights, suggestions and great comments. To all of you who read my blogs and follow me on Twitter I say thank you and please, keep up with me while I try to ‘change’ the world or you!

To those of you who’ve shown particular interest all along and taken an active part in all my blogging endeavors, I want to offer a double thank you.

You know who you are? Or you want me to mention here?

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11 Responses to Happy Bicentennial!

  1. Saima Ashraf says:

    ”trolls and lurkers (I love it)” Sir g baaaz aa jao

  2. Saima Ashraf says:

    Happy one year to the you.com
    I hope I am shooting you down:)
    No, I don’t know who I am:( …..I want to be explored

  3. Kausar Bilal says:

    Many many Congratulations!
    Here, you have always produced very educative and quality blogs and invited people to share your learning generously, which is an amazing experience. Your blogs are the ones for which people wait curiously and check regularly if there is anything new, or which new topic has been addressed today!
    It’s really surprising to deliver so regularly and with such incredible quality content while being engaged in a full-fledged network of your blogs and your other bloggy endeavors. Also, where do you get so variety of ideas for all your blogs simultaneously?
    Best of Luck for your future ventures!

  4. Thank you Javed…..you said it all and may I also do the same.
    yea…..I know :-)

  5. Saima Ashraf says:

    Kausar he steals my stuff:)

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