Blogging as an integral part of business

Blogging is now an auxiliary arm of main stream media. In response to growing demands for online reach out, bloggers have brilliantly established themselves in all disciplines, particularly in fields of ecommerce by offering a wide range of possibilities to meet demands for branding and marketing; advertising, creating buzz, instant feedback, endorsement, building community of loyal followers around a brand to name just a few.

Bloggers are geeks (mostly) who love technology and reaching out. They are digital buzz (media) creators. They can help companies’ understand social part of blog media with their informal accent. Bloggers are social media power influencers who produce and leverage content to build communities that take action in real world. Which is why “bloggers have become an integral part of all tech press launches,” observed and twitted Jehan Ara, the President of the Pakistan Software Houses Association for IT and ITES (P@SHA). Lately I have seen heavy contingents of bloggers attending not only attending tech launches like Technology for People Initiative but also non tech launches (and purely erudite events) like THAAP initiative Life in Small Towns. But corporate world has not embraced blogging to utilize its full potentials.

Blogging have played in important role in changing the prevailing norms. Bloggers produce newer, fresher and relevant content for every niche. They have ever growing networks of like minded and ‘same interests’ bloggers and blog readers built over time. Imagine how much buzz a successful and outstanding food blog can create when a blogger attends an opening of a new food outlet in town (yes, I attended one). Local blogosphere and twitterverse will grow meaningfully if savvy commercial concerns consider employing internal bloggers (IMB prides having 40, 000 internal bloggers and most of them are their frontline people) and also partner with external bloggers. Corporate world needs more bloggers. This has not started happening yet.

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  1. Eliane says:

    Nice. This one is really cool!

  2. Doll says:

    Nice read. I agree with the assertions here.

  3. Blogging to me seem on its way out.

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