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salman rashid travel writer from pakistanWhen it comes to travel writing, name of Salman Rashid is sure to figure in-arguably on the top. And for good reason: his writing is erudite but still eminently readable and delivered in a distinctive narrative voice and cadence, complete with the sights and sounds of the places he visits. Better, still Salman Rashid’s work is informed by a deep love for the subject that has led him to take to the road for most of his adult life.

His work is informed not only by deep insight but also an unfaltering engagement with his subject. A typical Salman piece welds impressive knowledge of geography, history, ethnography and indigenous oral traditions with a writing style that is alive with sight and sound.

Salman Rashid is arguably the only person in Pakistan who knows the country from red hills of Nagarparkar to the wind-swept heights of upper Chitral and Gojal and from the salt pans of Mashkel to the Cholistan desert. Also, he is the only Pakistani who has seen the North Face of K 2 and trekked in the shadow of this majestic mountain.

Accompanying the writing is Salman’s keen eye for landscape photography that replicates, as lucidly, the spatial notations and ambiance he articulates in words.

Over a period of three decades, Salman Rashid has contributed to numerous publications and authored The Apricot Road to YarkandJhelum: City of the VitastaSea Monsters and the Sun God: Travels in PakistanSalt Range and Potohar PlateauPrisoner on a Bus: Travel Through PakistanBetween Two Burrs on the Map: Travels in Northern PakistanGujranwala: The Glory That Was and  Riders on the Wind.

Update: New book by Salman Rashid Deosai: Land of the Gaint

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