Have a Blog or a Printing Press

Who all should have a blog? The answer depends on who is being asked this question. Given my personal interest, I say everyone should have a blog.

For marketers, public relations professionals, writers and all those who need to reach out with their ideas and or products and services, blogs are a must; easier, cheaper, convenient. But think outside the box and you will find people have experiences to share, stories to tell and put the things on record. They all need a blog.

Other day I was suggesting to diplomat to have a blog. I remember getting a lot of publicity stuff from different embassies in my school years. Almost all embassies and consulates have publications to tell their governments’ policies and influence the public in whatever way they can. In the age when presidents of the states (Presidents of Iran and USA are known to have their own blogs), I argued that blogs should be a must for any diplomat. Anyone in foreign department listening?

Let me conclude the post on this statement; those who can’t have a blog should at least have a printing press.
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