Best time to start a blog

When is the best time to start a blog? Answer to this question depends whom you are asking but if you ask me, the answer is now. I say this after blogging for some years. When I started my first blog at blogspot ( back in 2004, Google used to have own AdSense there and I could not change much in the template. I still remember every blogspot looked the same. Now so much has changed and no two blogs look the same.

I can say by experience that blogging has been an extremely rewarding for me on so many levels — professionally, personally, and financially. The list of new opportunities that blogging can open up are endless – become a writer, getting hired for consulting gigs in your area of expertise, or being asked to speak at conferences and also make money along the way. I’ve had all these things happen to me — all because of my blog. Best of all, I have made a lot of new friends and build a crucial network of like-minded professionals (also some not very like mindeed – you know who) all over the world.

There are many other reasons to start a blog this year. In older times, there used to be only a few bloggers. Now there is a blog about virtually everything. New bloggers can subscribe to as many blogs as they want on any subject of their interests. This way they learn a lot, stay abreast with what is happening in your fields of interest and will never run out of ideas for future posts. At the same time, new blogger could start to develop relationships and meaningful connections with fellow bloggers who can help generate debate on issues when needed. Never ignore blogger community; they know what to do at your blog and how. Always reciprocate. Growing competition in blogging is helping bring out best of bloggers that can stand out from the noise. And this is priceless practice no new blogger should shy away from.

There was no Social Media when I started a blog. Social media has given new life to blogging today. You post a new article and announce it at your Facebook page, Twitter and or Google Plus and your friends, fans and followers come (out of curiosity if nothing else) to see what new is happening in your world and mind. I am sure everyone who is likely to start a blog in 2012 is already active on social media, if you are not, go there. You can announce about what you have written on blog while you announce your new posts on social media in so many different ways.

I was still on DOS and later dial up when I started. Now new bloggers have broad band on top of all, interested users are connected all the time through countless handheld gadgets. Internet is virtually everywhere. List of reasons is enless. But you dont have to have a reason to express yourself. That is why I say starting blog in 2012 is easy. So stop making excuses and start yours today (and those who have started, take it to next level)!

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7 Responses to Best time to start a blog

  1. Sajini says:

    Reading this made me smile …..mostly when i was invited to start a blog by javed i freaked out . I never thought i could do well and thought that no one wanted to visit my blog …but after struggling with the thought i finally started my own blog 2 months ago and today i’m madly in love with it and have become my obsession and i think i’m very successful coz my blog is view by overwhelming numbers up to now …. Yes this is the best time to start your own blog :-)

  2. Kausar Bilal says:

    Nice and inspirational article. First time, I started loving my blog since yesterday…:)

  3. Salman says:

    Let me in please. Seems a whole lot is going on in blogosphere. Loved this.

  4. Akbar Kazmi says:

    I attended the first Social Media Summit you have mentioned above in Karachi and heard you. I liked it. But I am still not ready. I will start after I finish with my education.

    Were you there in second Social Media Mela this year?

  5. Thanks all.

    @Akbar Kazmi, Yes, I was there this year. And I have written about it as well.

  6. Terrence says:

    But to me it seems that anybody who had to have a blog has already had it. Trends seems to be slowing down.

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