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ayesha kalimBlog for me is a medium of expression and interaction, which keeps us aware, vigilant and in touch with social media and various sites which brings forth knowledge and idea sharing as a platform. As contemporary age is digital age and its needs are quite different from the past therefore being dynamic and proving our potential through social media has the high time today.

I blog by writing my ideas, thoughts and use my blog as a counseling and mentoring platform too by being a social activist and scientist. When any thought comes to my mind I turn it in the shape of text and try to express it with complete sincerity in order to reach hearts of my readers.

For me blogging matters as my hobby and satisfies my passion of writing. I have complete command of my blog and use it according to my free will of expression as I don’t want to to be influenced commercially in my writing. I don’t make money out of my blogging its solely for the fulfillment of my passion of writing so far.

My high points in my blogging are social issues, motivation to write for educating people about current issues in life and my inspiration is through transforming human potential towards excellence as I believe that human beings have the capacity to be trained till optimum level if provided opportunities for growth and development.

Blogging now has become an icon and brand in itself which can be conveniently accessed globally by audience virtually. Since, blogging is now going through phase of development in Pakistan therefore a lot need to be done to turn it into a worthwhile and successful medium of expression as still Pakistani audience lack direction in using social media.

Wish all the success to all those who are contemporary bloggers and sincerely striving for a positive change through this medium of expression.

Happy Blogging, friends!

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  1. Kausar Bilal says:

    A wonderful post! I am a regular reader of your blog and love it because of its unique topics and content. Wish you all the success and luck that can comprise of all blogging benefits. Happy blogging!

  2. Posture like BB.Nice to know you

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