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FBTC und IPC BY Berthold Vanselow

Informationen aus Forschung und PraxisDie im Web verstreuten Beitraege werden ab 2017 hier gesammelt Organsiations Development Berthold Vanselow, Berlin Weil die ökonomische, technische, soziale und kulturelle Umwelt heute viel komplexer geworden ist als noch im 20. Jahrhundert, müssen Organisationen, die … Continue reading

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Have a Blog or a Printing Press

Who all should have a blog? The answer depends on who is being asked this question. Given my personal interest, I say everyone should have a blog. For marketers, public relations professionals, writers and all those who need to reach … Continue reading

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E Commerce – a viable commerce channel

Advent of computers and collaborative Internet technologies has changed the ways we do business (also the ways we live). Beyond desktop and mainframe computing, Internet has emerges as a huge market where anyone can sell and buy. Are businesses selling … Continue reading

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Content is the king

In the brick and mortar world, businesses vie for a coveted spot — the end of the aisle or end cap. On the Internet, the end cap is a top position on search engine results pages and, as every webmaster … Continue reading

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How to walk a blog

Let us assume that you have a blog where you post your thoughts leaving that technical stuff to geek friends or your kids who ‘know it all’. This is about the time you should learn how to walk a blog, … Continue reading

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Making Money with blogging in Pakistan context; the challenges

Summery of issues discussed on one of the Monetize Social Media Space workshops during Network!: Pakistan’s First International Social Media Summit on June 10-11, 2011. Social space has combined some major human activities – communicating, sharing, social networking and ecommerce. … Continue reading

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