What has content to do with Adsense

Why some people get the Adsense cheque every month where as some others may have to wait for the cheque for as long as nine month (or even longer)?

Adsense is by and large the first options to make money online in our local context as well as all over the world. Thanks to liberal Google policies, most websites (small and large) have adsense. Sign up, get approved, place Google’s Adsense code on your blog or a page and the relevant (contextual) ads will start appearing instantly. You will get paid when someone clicks on the ads. Google pays promptly when publishers make $100. BTW, Google up till now has been very liberal in approving the adsense for small publishers (it is getting tougher over time though).

How early you make your $100 or more depends on so much more. First thing is to learn Adsense Terms and Conditions. I asked many publishers and most confessed that they have never read AdSense Terms and Conditions. Please read and also go through the changes as and when they come. This will help you to learn avoiding things that leads to invalid click activity and ultimately getting banned. Also this helps making more money over time.

The second most important thing I ask would be adsense publishers is to use killer content – unique, original and nicely worded sentences with good grammar. Google likes only unique content. Remember the last time Google mass banned adsense accounts. There were so many rumors as to why have Google banned so many accounts. My hunch is that the ban only targeted sites with poor content.

Write unique and good content and rest will follow.

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  1. Gul says:

    This is a very good piece of content about Adsense.
    Yes, you are right when we doing business with a company, we should now its rules.

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