S A J Shirazi is a Lahore based writer. His writing appear in Pakistan Today, Dawn, the News, Nation, Spider, Hilal, BootsnAll and other A list publications. Shirazi holds MPA (University of the Punjab) and Linguistics (National University of Modern Languages) degrees and is presently working at one of the leading universities in Lahore. He has authored Dolls, Toys and More and two Urdu books Izhar, Ret Pe Tehreer and translated Din Mein Charagh by Abbas Khan into Light Within.

Okay, now that we’ve gotten that referring-to-myself-in-the-third-person part out of the way, here’s the more human, less quantifiable description. I am trying to make sense of blogging and other, still new, forms of social media [Facebook, Twitter and more]. I’m always looking for like minded people to connect. Contact me at sajshirazi@gmail.com. I also blog at Light Within.

Updates: No, I am not trying to change the world. I am only changing myself!

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  1. Ret Pe Tehreer (writing on the sand) was the first literary work of SAJS I read when a copy was presented to me long ago. Having known him for long time, I know he is a dream merchant, but this remains obscure till date what his dreams really are. Best of luck SAJS

  2. Zeeshuu says:

    He always give new things to read, which are very informative.

  3. Sajini says:

    I met S A J Shirazi through FB and during past year or so I’ve been learning so much about blogging from him. He is indeed a very good teacher with long time experience in the field of blogging. Today I have my own blog thanks to him.
    Wish you all the best .

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  5. Aaron says:

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  6. Javed Chema says:

    I think I know you sir. You remember me?

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