Content is the king

In the brick and mortar world, businesses vie for a coveted spot — the end of the aisle or end cap. On the Internet, the end cap is a top position on search engine results pages and, as every webmaster knows, that is not easy. Effective content marketing strategy is one thing can help businesses get their products seen by traditional search engines and comparison shopping websites. Nicely written, compelling, keyword-rich and dynamic content is the quickest, least expensive and easiest way of building online business.

Information technology and eCommerce have become inextricably interwoven. With the Internet now becoming ever more widely available as a big marketplace, it has become one of the main sources of information and communication for millions of people all around the world. The more content draws online population to business, the more people will want to be involved. Content attracts and holds the attention of readers and makes them want to stay on the website for longer duration. Businesses have to make sure that they have a consistent and unrelenting content marketing strategy giving informed users with Internet access something original and useful to learn before buying. Continue reading

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Attention please

attentionGaining attention, holding it and impacting others online need more than attending networking events, having a static website, nocturnal blog or dysfunctional twitter account. It needs vision. Networking calls for social media integration that goes beyond having someone else using the applications on your behalf. You have to be ‘in it’ to feel the pulse and add value there.

I see more and more renowned people – politicians, celebrities and other top of the line experts from all walks of life – embracing technologies and enjoying the benefits that result from direct communication with the audience. This trend is seen growing in nonprofit and business concerns as well. Social media offers practitioners with an opportunity to listen in, build valuable relationships, and establish authority thought leadership. How can you builds credibility and increases persuasiveness unless you join the conversation online (or on stage). Continue reading

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Katti Roll in Dubai

Kaati roll is one of the popular foods they offer at Shahi Paratha Roll Restaurant.


Call it Kaathi Roll or Kati Roll (or even Kathi roll), this has its roots in India but given its convenience and varieties it is popular among every one> Basically, it is a chicken kababs (or what evere you please including vegies) rolled in a layered flat bread called paratha. It is delicious ‘fast food.’ At the same time, Kaati Roll is a meal in itself is wholesome and nutritious; take it along, get it delivered or sit outside in their open space and enjoy the food (also try their thoothi afterwards).

Located at S 20, Greece-L 15, International City, 341053 Dubai, United Arab Emirates, Dubai, Shahi Paratha Roll Restaurant offers all varieties of Kaati Rolls with regular fare. The rolls at Shahi Paratha Roll Restaurant come with many choices of sauces and toppings. Choice is yours. Must try.

You can also order here:

Option 1: Facebook ==> Menu & Online Ordering Tab
Option 2: Website: ==>
Option 3: Phone: ==> 04 557 9969, 052 733 9969

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How to walk a blog

Let us assume that you have a blog where you post your thoughts leaving that technical stuff to geek friends or your kids who ‘know it all’. This is about the time you should learn how to walk a blog, how to explore (navigate) others’ blogs. This will help you interact with other bloggers meaningfully and attract them to your own blog.

To start with, I suggest you learn all blog terms. As far as more functional parts of any blog are concerned, for example, like most blogs this blog has a header – the area that contains the name and short blurb (making sense of blogging). Under the header I have my About page and a list of Pakistani bloggers  and a word about the Blog Company. Continue reading

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Making Money with blogging in Pakistan context; the challenges

Summery of issues discussed on one of the Monetize Social Media Space workshops during Network!: Pakistan’s First International Social Media Summit on June 10-11, 2011.

Social space has combined some major human activities – communicating, sharing, social networking and ecommerce. Use of newly found social media space where as anyone can shoot out, is a creative activity and fun. Most online users enjoy their online presence. That is why people blog tweet or network in the first place. Along the way, a time comes when online users start thinking to monetize their social space. And then everything starts changing.

 For this discussion, social media space means blogging. What are the challenges in monetizing social spaces in our local context? I asked this question to friends and friends of my friends online. First, I posted the question on facebook and also tweeted and then emailed the question to bloggers soliciting their comments on the subject. I have also been scouting Pakistan blogosphere in an effort to find out answers to this question. Continue reading
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How to follow Hashtags

Hashtags – a very powerful tool on Twitter – is not really supported by Twitter. So you can’t really follow hashtags as you follow tweeps of your interests. So what to do when you want to follow #tcot (top conversations on twitter), #POTUS (President of the United State), #Petraeus or #Malala?

A hashtag is not a way to label (tag) tweets so they can be easily pulled together. You can’t “follow” like you do tweeps, organization, project or event). But you can as conveniently search and get all you want on a particular hashtag. Continue reading

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