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s a j shiraziBlogging is passion but over time bloggers may lose the passion part. It becomes cumbersome to write something new and meaningful. It can happen for so many reasons; real life coming in the way, loss of desire, or worst still loss of beacon light. That is when it becomes overwhelming to strike equilibrium between blogging and marking time (I call it Taaley Taaley). Same is true for real life and ideal life (that you continuously wish to lead).

As a matter of fact, I find passion as very over rated. Ok, it is very strong feeling but human could control it; or could develop it in the first place. After all human need it for everything in work and life. How to regain passion? Continue reading

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How to follow Hashtags

Hashtags – a very powerful tool on Twitter – is not really supported by Twitter. So you can’t really follow hashtags as you follow tweeps of your interests. So what to do when you want to follow #tcot (top conversations on twitter), #POTUS (President of the United State), #Petraeus or #Malala?

A hashtag is not a way to label (tag) tweets so they can be easily pulled together. You can’t “follow” like you do tweeps, organization, project or event). But you can as conveniently search and get all you want on a particular hashtag. Continue reading

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Frontier Works Organisation

frontier works organisation

FWO on Social Media: FWO Blog, Twitter, Facebook

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Start a blog

Blogging is a popular pastime and  at the same time a serious profession). Each blogger brings something unique to the web. That could be something as personal as an record of an uneventful life and as rare as specialized knowledge of an esoteric subject and a whole lot in between. It could also be a lifetime of experience that affects the way others sees the world, and how they think about what they see.

This is truer for people who take up blogging late in life. They might not have spent decades online to draw on, but old-new bloggers do have maturity, confidence, and perhaps most important of all, the time and patience to learn. “Also they can be expected to bring out good bogs because of their experience and practical observation of the world around.”

I usually surf blogs for and or by senior citizens. I am always impressed by the the wisdom of people over the age of 70. Like many bloggers, senior citizens blog about everything. “Forget shuffleboard, needlepoint, and bingo. Web logs, usually considered the domain of alienated adolescents and home for screeds from middle-aged pundits, are gaining a foothold as a new leisure-time option for senior citizens,” reads a report.

Blurb of another senior bolgger reads, I started on computers in mid-2004, with an old used Dell. Luckily, I survived, and here I am, still at it. Many wonder why – including me sometimes. What else is there when you’re 78+ and your git up ‘n go all got up ‘n went?

In Pakistani context, senior citizens have a tremendous influence over young generation. They can absolutely make a difference in Pakistan’s bottom line. I know many senior citizens have fun using the Internet and they often go to some of the more popular sites. The percentage of people who use the Internet in Pakistan is much higher and increasing with every passing day. May be this is due to interest in age-related topics such as travel, financial concerns, and health care related to them. While it will be interesting study to examine which types of interests (from Email to social networking, photo sharing and looking at current news and weather) senior citizens have and what they are pursuing online, I suggest senior citizens must consider blogging not only as a hobby or a pastime but also as an economic option and start exploring the income power of blogging.

What you think?
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Introducing Oriental Handicrafts From Pakistan

Oriental Handicrafts  4Oriental HandicraftsOriental Handicrafts 2Oriental Handicrafts  7Oriental Handicrafts  5

Contact Oriental Handicrafts [Find us on Twitter and Facebook]

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E Commerce – a viable commerce channel

Advent of computers and collaborative Internet technologies has changed the ways we do business (also the ways we live). Beyond desktop and mainframe computing, Internet has emerges as a huge market where anyone can sell and buy. Are businesses selling and buying online in Pakistan? My answer is not really. We are only starting to get there, very slowly.

As per the common definition, “ecommerce (electronic commerce) means selling and buying of services and goods over the electronic medium, like Internet and mobile phones”. E-commerce, in theory, is not only a big convenience but also can be a boost to otherwise sluggish economy. From consumers’ point of view, shopping online saves time as well as money. Consumers can see more, compare and find more choices and the best deals with a few mouse clicks while sitting home. That is not possible for those who go and shop on ground. No one can visit each store to find what they are offering and how? Moreover, it is a big hassle going to shop in any of the crowded shopping centers (like Anarkail and Liberty Lahore or Tariq Road, Karachi) with no dedicated parking spaces. Ecommerce makes it easier for consumers to make interactive purchases online. A consumer uses a credit card and make a number of purchases online that will only drives the retail (or virtual) outlets, but also provides indirect business to the delivery channel, packaging companies and other smaller businesses which may be in the middle of the transaction before the delivery is actually made. Continue reading

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