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sajshiraziI’ve always loved reading and writing, and I’ve been doing both a lot since I was a kid. I started keeping a diary when I was a teenager and when the Internet came along it was just natural for me to go from paper to digital – a relief, actually, since my handwriting never won me any awards and even I sometimes have trouble reading it.

My initial attempts at blogging were hiccup-y; I’d write something, post it, and delete it. Last year I started one on MySpace. (I know, what could I have been thinking?) Then through work that I do with my friend and business partner, Victor, on Expat Interviews, I made the online acquaintance of a Canadian lady living in the UAE. It turned out she couldn’t access my MySpace blog (it was one of the sites her ISP bans) so I started one on Blogger. The MySpace account is dead but my Blogger journal lives on. Continue reading

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Wise fool

s a j shiraziBlogging is passion but over time bloggers may lose the passion part. It becomes cumbersome to write something new and meaningful. It can happen for so many reasons; real life coming in the way, loss of desire, or worst still loss of beacon light. That is when it becomes overwhelming to strike equilibrium between blogging and marking time (I call it Taaley Taaley). Same is true for real life and ideal life (that you continuously wish to lead).

As a matter of fact, I find passion as very over rated. Ok, it is very strong feeling but human could control it; or could develop it in the first place. After all human need it for everything in work and life. How to regain passion? Continue reading

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I am an authority

20130118_18You simply need an idea to start a blog or create a social media clout. Run some good idea up the flag pole and see which way the wind blows! You don’t have to be a guru or an authority to think that and do it. The words like guru, professional or authority get bandied about quite a lot when people are talking about blogging. I find the whole concept of authority a little intimidating, so today, I’m just going to share some of my thoughts about authority in the blogosphere.

Authority in any field is a relative term. It means different things to different people. Every day I meet people who know more and I every time I meet them, I myself feel like a poser. And this is what I assume people are thinking about me when someone refers to me as a pro of sort. Continue reading

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To the point


Recently I presented a question relating to the point of blogging.

To many the point was the pointlessness. Or an open plan diary for you and the world to share. Or a stream of conciousness (or unconciousness in the case of the Old Git) to satiate a desire to communicate something to somebody somewhere…

I first started mine for a completely different reason – I wanted to learn how to build a website and get a podcast together – at the time I was starting to mix music again (unfortunately work has taken that desire from me for the moment) and I wanted to be able to share it with others. Rather than take the easy route I built a site from the ground up learning html and xml and all those fun ‘ml’ things tripping over each obstacle as I went and struggling through (the remnants of those pages are still in my archives). Then to facilitate the graphical side I started to get my head around Photoshop and Illustrator so I could make my own banners, buttons and widgets… Continue reading

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Urdu Twitter

This article appeared in Pakistan Army Monthly Magazine Hilal Continue reading

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FATA is Changing


FATA is changing. This is how!

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