Huawei Launches Honor 4C in Pakistan

unnamedAdvancement is a must if mankind is going to survive in the long term. Multifunctional cell phones are one example. They are the hottest gadgets these days, making communications faster and easier. In the time of increasing interaction between humans, more than anything, technologies are bringing sweeping changes to how people communicate and share information. Just as many other collaborative web technologies are distributing information on the Internet; cell phone text messaging, also known as SMS, short for Short Messaging Service, has become one of favorite communication tolls and useful utility to many including marketers and advertisers.

As per reports, billions of mobile phones have been sold worldwide. Mobile phone companies are always planning to launch new handsets, with newer innovations. Only yesterday, Huawei – a leading ICT solutions provider – has launched its Honor 4C and reports are that its sales are surpassing all other smart phones in Pakistan market.

Given the exponential growth and usability improving every day, industry executive are expecting that mobile phones will surpass the need of digital cameras in less than a decade. That is one of the reasons that SMS has become one of the mainstream trends and an integral part of mobile lifestyle in this attention age we are living. Young and old alike are seen deeply concentrating on cell phone screens and punching everywhere: in streets, shopping malls, mosques, buses, college dormitories, class rooms and on dining table or while watching thrilling cricket matches. Cell phone is perhaps the only utility that can be with the users anywhere. Which is one of the reasons that even marketers and advertisers are focusing on cell phone to reach out to their users’ base?

Given my own interest in mobile marketing, I am going to give it a try. I know I will find it very innovative and will make my work easy.

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Shopping malls to virtual malls

Katoti.Pk policy post

Internet today is filled with millions of web shops for single product sales to thousands of products on a single site and business to business. Then there are varieties of services available for doing business using online solutions. Net result is that this combination is accelerating new economic activities. Ironically, it is assumed that online shopping is best suited for businesses in developed markets due to their economy and better buying power. Analyses of the cost and benefits show that shopping online is more beneficial for under developed countries.

Since the internet developed mass market potential with the invention of a simple to use browser for surfing the World Wide Web, it is easy to see its effects on businesses and on the daily lives of common people. On the one hand the internet is turning business upside down and inside out and on the other, it is proving as an integrated point of service for ordinary people who have chosen to have an access to the internet as an addition to their lives. In urban Pakistan, saying that everything glamorous is happening to businesses in the developed world is no more valid. Continue reading

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Is it all there is to blogging?

2011-01-15_0000059   Subscriber-false   Marketing-false   Newsletter-   RegYSNewsletter-  MicroTransactions-trueYou have created a blog or two (it is so easy to create) and you have clear golas, writing skills, necessary tech knowhow and best of the will to excel and leave your mark. Now you have a lingering doubt; is that all there is to blogging?

Blogging has matured beyond ‘me too’ fad. Now this phenomenon has established as an essential part of any business, and a valuable tool for those who have something to say or those who have a passion for something. I know bloggers becoming consultants, social media managers, journalists and writers for larger print publications. I also know some who have become brand ambassadors, and many who are developing creative content. There are so many reasons to blog. Continue reading

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Dedicated Servers

In this attention age, almost everyone has assets online. After growing use of the power of the web, trusted hosting has become vital for businesses. Besides businesses, many individuals also need the best and powerful host.

Anyone can imagine what may happen when their online presence, businesses and even individuals have come to depend on so much and take as granted, is disrupted, even if for a short time? In era when everything (Ok, almost everything) starts online, situation arising out of any data disruption is not just a hypothetical scenario rather a strong possibility to which empirical observations of the past and (unfortunately) my own experiences point out. It has happened to my friends and I have seen their plight first hand.

Effects of a major online disruption could lead to a drop in productivity, drop in revenue, and drop in stock markets and a potential economic crisis. Any denial of the data running through the Internet could break users’ trust in the consistency and reliability of that information they share online. That is why businesses have come to rely on dedicated servers.

The importance of efficient and sound dedicated servers cannot be over emphasized. At the same time, given the numbers of choices available, choosing such dedicated server becomes difficult for people. This requires a new way of thinking about how to utilize hosting services.

Given my own interest, I was looking for dedicated servers online when I came upon eSecureData. They are delivering unbroken access to dedicated servers computing power that too on fair prices. Have a look at their server inventory and see what options they are offering for you business and how they can enrich online business experience.

Businesses have rarely had the freedom and agility implied through dedicated servers today. How you combine and recombine the growing array of services available at eSecureData will make a difference in the long run.

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E Commerce – a viable commerce channel

Advent of computers and collaborative Internet technologies has changed the ways we do business (also the ways we live). Beyond desktop and mainframe computing, Internet has emerges as a huge market where anyone can sell and buy. Are businesses selling and buying online in Pakistan? My answer is not really. We are only starting to get there, very slowly.

As per the common definition, “ecommerce (electronic commerce) means selling and buying of services and goods over the electronic medium, like Internet and mobile phones”. E-commerce, in theory, is not only a big convenience but also can be a boost to otherwise sluggish economy. From consumers’ point of view, shopping online saves time as well as money. Consumers can see more, compare and find more choices and the best deals with a few mouse clicks while sitting home. That is not possible for those who go and shop on ground. No one can visit each store to find what they are offering and how? Moreover, it is a big hassle going to shop in any of the crowded shopping centers (like Anarkail and Liberty Lahore or Tariq Road, Karachi) with no dedicated parking spaces. Ecommerce makes it easier for consumers to make interactive purchases online. A consumer uses a credit card and make a number of purchases online that will only drives the retail (or virtual) outlets, but also provides indirect business to the delivery channel, packaging companies and other smaller businesses which may be in the middle of the transaction before the delivery is actually made. Continue reading

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The deal is on at Katoti.Pk!

katoti.pkWorking on the Internet since 1998, I have always been thinking to open an online outlet to sell my own books plus a little merchandising. It is about time that I started. Everyone is coming to shop online and available selling solutions have made this so easy. And for a reason!

Internet has already changed the way we work, live and shop. With growing Internet users’ base, trend to shop for services and or products online is increasing at a fast rate. Users across the world are taking advantages of coupons, discount vouchers and other sources of savings and convenience.

In order to facilitate online shoppers – a leading online coupon destination – is playing a very important role. This aptly named site offers coupons and discount deals form wide range of online merchants. Visit, find a coupon that matches your requirements, then use the coupon when you checkout to receive your discount.

Have a look at and see what they are offering. Site is neatly laid, easy to navigate and users’ friendly. Online users can fine the deals easily. A search function is implemented so you can find what you need. Also on the home page, there are featured deals. While exploring, I found “Rs 1 for Rs 500 Worth of Zeewood Furniture Voucher Buy Bed Sets, Sofa Sets, Dining Tables deal very lucrative. Visit Katoti.Pk and see what they have for you and what more is coming up every day.

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