The deal is on at Katoti.Pk!

katoti.pkWorking on the Internet since 1998, I have always been thinking to open an online outlet to sell my own books plus a little merchandising. It is about time that I started. Everyone is coming to shop online and available selling solutions have made this so easy. And for a reason!

Internet has already changed the way we work, live and shop. With growing Internet users’ base, trend to shop for services and or products online is increasing at a fast rate. Users across the world are taking advantages of coupons, discount vouchers and other sources of savings and convenience.

In order to facilitate online shoppers – a leading online coupon destination – is playing a very important role. This aptly named site offers coupons and discount deals form wide range of online merchants. Visit, find a coupon that matches your requirements, then use the coupon when you checkout to receive your discount.

Have a look at and see what they are offering. Site is neatly laid, easy to navigate and users’ friendly. Online users can fine the deals easily. A search function is implemented so you can find what you need. Also on the home page, there are featured deals. While exploring, I found “Rs 1 for Rs 500 Worth of Zeewood Furniture Voucher Buy Bed Sets, Sofa Sets, Dining Tables deal very lucrative. Visit Katoti.Pk and see what they have for you and what more is coming up every day.

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Do you have a like button?

IMG_0081Click the like button you find everywhere online carefully. Yes, your like clicks my reveal who you like, who are you cultivating and how. It might also allow to make a fairly accurate guess at type of relationship you are in and how desperately you are trying to keep it in tact while you are hotly pursuing other opportunities and inclinations (including sexual orientation, gender, age, ethnicity, IQ, religion, politics and addictions, relationship status, number of Facebook friends, as well as half a dozen different personality traits).

Relax. I am not saying that. A study published earlier this week in USA says that. Not only that, on the bases of likes analyses, researchers can make a guess about users’ personalities and behavior. “Your likes may be saying more about you than you realize,” said Cambridge University researcher David Stillwell, one of the study’s authors. Continue reading

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Hot Hashtags

Hash tags are keywords generated by twitter users on a platform that are used to describe and categorize an object, concept or idea. They are used to unite the global tweets around any subject. Hash tag (also sometime called social tag) is one of the most common ways for conferences, meetings, event organizers and memes to organize micro blogs at twitter. For users, hashtag makes it easier to find that topic in Twitter searches and trends among the zillions and zillions of tweets.

Good news is that hashtag is now supported by Facebook as well.

Tweeple (tweeps) may already be familiar with the words or phrase with hash symbol (#) as a prefix.  A hash tag is a simple way for people to search for tweets that have a common topic. For example, if you search on #LoadShedding (it’s not case-sensitive), you’ll get a list of tweets related to the load shedding. (BTW, given the frequency of load shedding, I have saved #LoadShedding search on my phone as well as computers. I keep looking at the search as if it will help). And yes, properly used hash tag brings a lot of traffic to my twitter profile as well as to the blog posts I point to in my tweets. Hash tag also allows users to find out tweeple with similar interests and share information related to it. Twitter now has Twitag – a tag finder for Twitter that helps users organize the most recent content tagged by users. Continue reading

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Lamudi’s Bloggers Meet

I keep saying that bloggers are greater mortals. Anyone who was at Bloggers Meet at La Atrium on March 17, 2015 evening already knows this. Bloggers and social media practitioners are wiser, sharing and always learning (Ok, I am bragging here). The evening was a wonderful experience; seeing so many new faces that have come in this pursuit. It was also good to see so many bloggers at one place connecting with each other. Though I missed Raza Rumi, Badar Khushnod, Adil Najam, Hassan Mubarak, Aamir Attaa Saad and so many others who used to be the spirit behind such meet ups.

s a j shirazi

Lamudi’s Bloggers Meet was aimed at industry-bloggers cooperating and networking. The best part was question answers where Saad Arshed, the Country Director Lamudi explained company’s employee-centric approach, flex timings and how they are striving to create a happy and productive work place to stimulate creativity (while munching at chocolates). I haven’t seen yet but I am sure that their work environment will be different than traditional offices we are familiar with. And that in itself makes a great difference. Bloggers Meet Up offers a chance to examine the role of blogs and other social media platforms in real estate industry. Over past years there has been a visible shift within real estate business, from generally not wanting to engage online, to some companies now fully embracing what it can offer in terms of engaging with stakeholders internally as well as externally. Yet there lies a long road ahead to realize its full potential, albeit one that will deliver real benefit.

Experience in business improvement suggests that the roots of the majority of problems are communication related. Communication failings can come from not sharing, not involving the right people at the right time and even from withholding information for any reason. Blogs (they are your own printing presses) should be seen as a key component in addressing and improving communication issues.

While the larger concerns have been quick to get involved in social media platforms, some others have lagged behind. The biggest barrier to blogging and social media usage lies at senior level. Most staff within companies uses facebook, twitter even if not blogging in some personal capacity; that is the skill that should be utilized for the good of the business. The first and perhaps the most dynamic step any industry can therefore take in embracing social media is to ensure that directors and boards understand the benefits that managed social media strategies can bring, and enable real open sharing and collaboration.

Lamudi, it seems,  is doing just that.

“If there’s one common thread among many of those who build successful businesses online, it’s this: They’ve been able to build an audience, which has helped them gain traction and spread value with a farther reach.”

Continue reading

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Dolls, Toys and More

Download Dolls, Toys and More – eBook by S A J Shirazi

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Urdu Twitter

This article appeared in Pakistan Army Monthly Magazine Hilal Continue reading

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