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Informationen aus Forschung und PraxisDie im Web verstreuten Beitraege werden ab 2017 hier gesammelt

Organsiations Development

Berthold Vanselow, Berlin

Weil die ökonomische, technische, soziale und kulturelle Umwelt heute viel komplexer geworden ist als noch im 20. Jahrhundert, müssen Organisationen, die in dieser Umwelt erfolgreich agieren wollen, ebenso ihre Komplexität steigern. Solche Organisationen werden heute im deutschsprachigen Raum als agile Organisationen bezeichnet. Im englisch- und französischsprachigen Raum werden sie auch als befreite Organisationen bezeichnet, was ich für treffender halte.

Diese Organisationsformen zeichnen sich aus durch autonom agierende Teams, die intensiv vernetzt sind und einen von allen Beteiligten getragenen Zweck bzw. eine Vision verfolgen.

Solche Organisationen sind inzwischen in Wirtschaft, Gesellschaft und Staat erfolgreicher als herkömmliche hierarchisch strukturierte Bürokratien. Mit moderner Informationstechnik ergeben sich neue Möglichkeiten der Realisierung.

Die Aufgaben der Führung in agilen Strukturen bestehen darin, die Vision zu entwickeln, diese zu kommunizieren und eine Arbeitsumgebung zu schaffen, die den Mitarbeitern Selbstorganisation und persönliche Entwicklung möglich macht.

Führungskräfte und Mitarbeiter können in diesem Prozess durch Beratung, Coaching und Training unterstützt werden.

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Have a Blog or a Printing Press

Who all should have a blog? The answer depends on who is being asked this question. Given my personal interest, I say everyone should have a blog.

For marketers, public relations professionals, writers and all those who need to reach out with their ideas and or products and services, blogs are a must; easier, cheaper, convenient. But think outside the box and you will find people have experiences to share, stories to tell and put the things on record. They all need a blog. Continue reading

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E Commerce – a viable commerce channel

Advent of computers and collaborative Internet technologies has changed the ways we do business (also the ways we live). Beyond desktop and mainframe computing, Internet has emerges as a huge market where anyone can sell and buy. Are businesses selling and buying online in Pakistan? My answer is not really. We are only starting to get there, very slowly.

As per the common definition, “ecommerce (electronic commerce) means selling and buying of services and goods over the electronic medium, like Internet and mobile phones”. E-commerce, in theory, is not only a big convenience but also can be a boost to otherwise sluggish economy. From consumers’ point of view, shopping online saves time as well as money. Consumers can see more, compare and find more choices and the best deals with a few mouse clicks while sitting home. That is not possible for those who go and shop on ground. No one can visit each store to find what they are offering and how? Moreover, it is a big hassle going to shop in any of the crowded shopping centers (like Anarkail and Liberty Lahore or Tariq Road, Karachi) with no dedicated parking spaces. Ecommerce makes it easier for consumers to make interactive purchases online. A consumer uses a credit card and make a number of purchases online that will only drives the retail (or virtual) outlets, but also provides indirect business to the delivery channel, packaging companies and other smaller businesses which may be in the middle of the transaction before the delivery is actually made.

Continue reading

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Content is the king

In the brick and mortar world, businesses vie for a coveted spot — the end of the aisle or end cap. On the Internet, the end cap is a top position on search engine results pages and, as every webmaster knows, that is not easy. Effective content marketing strategy is one thing can help businesses get their products seen by traditional search engines and comparison shopping websites. Nicely written, compelling, keyword-rich and dynamic content is the quickest, least expensive and easiest way of building online business.

Information technology and eCommerce have become inextricably interwoven. With the Internet now becoming ever more widely available as a big marketplace, it has become one of the main sources of information and communication for millions of people all around the world. The more content draws online population to business, the more people will want to be involved. Content attracts and holds the attention of readers and makes them want to stay on the website for longer duration. Businesses have to make sure that they have a consistent and unrelenting content marketing strategy giving informed users with Internet access something original and useful to learn before buying. Continue reading

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How to walk a blog

Let us assume that you have a blog where you post your thoughts leaving that technical stuff to geek friends or your kids who ‘know it all’. This is about the time you should learn how to walk a blog, how to explore (navigate) others’ blogs. This will help you interact with other bloggers meaningfully and attract them to your own blog.

To start with, I suggest you learn all blog terms. As far as more functional parts of any blog are concerned, for example, like most blogs this blog has a header – the area that contains the name and short blurb (making sense of blogging). Under the header I have my About page and a list of Pakistani bloggers  and a word about the Blog Company. Continue reading

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Making Money with blogging in Pakistan context; the challenges

Summery of issues discussed on one of the Monetize Social Media Space workshops during Network!: Pakistan’s First International Social Media Summit on June 10-11, 2011.

Social space has combined some major human activities – communicating, sharing, social networking and ecommerce. Use of newly found social media space where as anyone can shoot out, is a creative activity and fun. Most online users enjoy their online presence. That is why people blog tweet or network in the first place. Along the way, a time comes when online users start thinking to monetize their social space. And then everything starts changing.

 For this discussion, social media space means blogging. What are the challenges in monetizing social spaces in our local context? I asked this question to friends and friends of my friends online. First, I posted the question on facebook and also tweeted and then emailed the question to bloggers soliciting their comments on the subject. I have also been scouting Pakistan blogosphere in an effort to find out answers to this question. Continue reading
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